5 Guidelines to Video Optimization

From my article in the Press Enterprise… Branding our business using video is a marketing avenue that many of us overlook. Why? Fear is generally in the forefront of reasons why we don’t do things. We think it’s too expensive, we don’t have the equipment, we don’t know how, we don’t have the time, or […]

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Poll: The Long and The Short of Sales Pages 2

Irritating or Helpful? We’ve all seen them – terribly long sales pages, landing pages, squeeze pages…whatever you want to call them. They’ve got so much content, repetitive content I might add, which causes the reader to keep scrolling, scrolling, and scrolling thinking that just possibly there might not be an end to the page. The […]

5 Tools to Measure Website Response Times

How fast is your website running? It’s important to know if your website is turning people off because it might be taking too long for it to load. There’s not much worse than waiting for a slow web page to load when you’re running a search and need the information quickly. But how do you […]

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Think Like A Negotiator, Eldonna Fernandez

Think Like A Negotiator

Eldonna Fernandez, President and CEO of Dynamic Vision International, Inc, was the speaker at the Corona Women’s Business Center last Thursday over at the Corona City Hall. Her topic, based on her book. “Think Like a Negotiator, How to Create Win-Win Results by Understanding the Pitfalls to Avoid”, was all about exactly that….How to think like […]

How The Heck DO I Get My Fans to Engage On My Facebook Page? 2

Increasing Fan Engagement on Your Facebook Page Well, these days it’s not as easy as it use to be.  Facebook’s algorithms are difficult to decipher, and so it’s frustrating for so many Page users to understand the how’s and why’s of post visibility. Of course, the more fan engagement you have, the more likely Facebook […]

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