10 Mar

11 Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List

Are you still thinking that it’s okay to purchase an email marketing list?

Subscriber Sign-Up Box, Opt-in BoxWell if you DO think it’s okay to purchase an email marketing list, then it’s about time that you changed your way of thinking. Not only is it not okay, it’s just plain old NOT effective.

Would you rather be a trusted sender and market your business to people who are truly interested in your products and/or services, are are you okay pushing out marketing emails to people who don’t know you, care about you, and see you as a spammer?

If you would rather be seen as a trusted sender then I’d like to share with you some ways to build your list with interested subscribers. Take a look below to find out how you can build your permission-based email email marketing list.

Let’s take a look at 11 Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List


  1. By adding a sign-up box on your website and blog new subscribers can sign themselves up and you don’t have to do a thing! If you subscribe to a bulk email marketing service, such as Constant Contact you can create an HTML code to insert into your website and blog (CTCT will help you with that). People can easily sign-up for your newsletter and their information is added to your database automatically.
  2. Collect email addresses during sales or service calls. While you have them on the phone, or you are already on-site it makes sense to ask.
  3. When attending events and meetings, once you have established a connection with someone, ask them for permission to add them to your email list. If possible, have them make a note on the back of their business card.
  4. If you have a store or office, place a guest book on your counter.
  5. Add a subscribe link to your email signature.
  6. Don’t forget to add a “Join My List” app on your Facebook Business (Fan) Page. In addition, add a “Like Gate” to your Page as well.  Don’t know how? Email me and I’ll tell you about Constant Contact’s Social Campaigns feature.
  7. Add a forward to a friend link in your email – the email should also have a “subscribe to my email” sign-up box.
  8. Host a Teleseminar or Webinar. In your registration process advise attendees that they will be placed on your list.
  9. Create a membership site/program. Part of the membership program would be receiving your free emails filled with valuable information.
  10. Use a QR code on printed materials to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter. See working example below.
  11. Mobile marketing is huge right now.  Set yourself up with a Text-to-Join keyword. See working example below.
    QR code, emakl marketing list, Constant Contacttext to join, emakl marketing list, Constant Contact







What other ways can you think of to build your permission-based email list? Leave your tips in the comment box below.

Eydie :)

(PS: did you know that when you post a comment on someone’s blog it could help you reach out to other communities AND help to increase YOUR search page rankings?)

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