08 Jul

Biggest biz risk ever taken: I fired my clients | Small Business Blog | Hiscox

taking risks in your businessBack in May I was on Twitter when I saw a post by Brian Moran stating that women are better multi-taskers than men.  His tweet, however, wasn’t just a regular tweet. It was part of a TweetChat that Brian hosted for Hiscox Insurance.

I wrote a post about how my reply to that tweet won me an iPad Mini.

Another result of my participating in the TweetChat was the opportunity to write a blog post for Hiscox. Wow – all because I tweeted a simple reply on Twitter – I garnered some nice attention…not to mention…quite a few new followers.

Since the TweetChat was about taking risks in your business, I was asked to write about the biggest risk I took in my business. I wrote about letting go. Sometimes you have to let things go in order to make room for more. In my post, I talked about how I needed to let go of some clients in order to attract clients who would be a better fit for me. I needed to FIRE some clients and search for my IDEAL clients instead! Read the entire article here –>> Biggest biz risk ever taken: I fired my clients | Small Business Blog | Hiscox.

Did you ever have to let go of something? What was the biggest risk you ever took in your business? Share your stories in the comment box below.

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24 Jun

4 Ways Blogging Benefits Your Business

Content Marketing is key to the success of most ANY business you can think of.

Will Blogging Benefit Your Business?More and more businesses are realizing that they need a blog on their static website. Static websites do little for your business. They do little to draw the attention of customers, potential customers, or search engines.When you blog you are providing visitors with informative content. You’re giving them answers to their questions – and sometimes answering questions they didn’t think they had. You’re also providing them a space where they can interact with you…which in turn, creates more content.

Let’s take at a look at five ways that blogging can benefit your business:

  • Build Your Email List: You’ve heard the phrase, “The money is in the list”, right? With email marketing you can land in your customers inbox and then direct them to your blog. Your blog (and your website) should have an opt-in box where your potential customers can sign up for your emails. Between blogging and email marketing – you have two of the most powerful pieces of online marketing in the palm of your hands.
  • Build Trust and Relationships: You already know that people buy from those they know, like and trust. Through your blog, your customers have the opportunity to get to know you on a different level. You will also begin to understand their needs and pain points through their questions and comments.
  • Establish Credibility and Strengthens our Brand: Aside from learning more about our products and services, your blog readers get to know who you are and how you work. They begin to see that you are indeed the experts in your industry because, as a blogger, you will be sharing your expertise and insights. You then become the go-to person for their pain relief.
  • Gain Higher Page Rank: Search Engines LOVE blogs. They are just like your customers – eager to learn and gain knowledge. The only difference is that they are looking for your keywords so they can index your blog for search results. Search engines look for new content – and great content as well. When they see more traffic heading to your blog – they stand up and notice. The result is that your blog will benefit from a higher page rank and be found more easily by people searching for what you have to offer.
  • BONUS BENEFIT: Earn more money! In addition to gaining new customers, you can monetize your blog with affiliate links and banner ads. Becoming an affiliate for a company that compliments your business can earn you passive income. For instance, I’m an affiliate for BlueHost, HostGator and Constant Contact. Every time someone makes a purchase, I’m rewarded with a small commission.

Are you currently blogging? If not – what is stopping you? Register for my next FREE webinar, “Why Your Business Should Blog”, being held on Monday, July 14th at 10:00am.

What do you want to get out of blogging for your business? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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17 Jun

What’s New on the Internet: From Facebook to Foursquare

What's new on the InternetDoesn’t it seem as if there is always something new happening on the Internet on a daily basis? Well – something new IS happening on a daily basis! And in the world of mobile Apps – it’s no different.
Let’s take a quick look at what new this month…

Facebook’s new feature: Anonymous Login:

(not necessarily mobile – but still wanted to share this with you)

You like to play games on Facebook, right? You just don’t want everyone on the planet know you’re playing them, right? Well now you can play anonymously when you sign into a game app with your Facebook login and test the games without sharing any of your personal information. Of course, this feature is being tested by only a few developers, but more will be available in the coming months.
My take on this: this is a great idea. Not sure about you, but seeing everyone’s game results on their news feed is rather annoying. Plus my information, nor yours, won’t be shared with third-party developers. Like Terra Media Marketing / Friend me on Facebook

Texting with SnapCHAT:

This quick, now you see it now you don’t, mobile social network now enables its users to keep up with their friends through their new CHAT feature. A private screen allows users to have their conversations through traditional text, snaps, previously saved images and videos from the camera roll. Once the screen is closed, however, all signs of messaging are gone.
My take on this: I’m not understanding the value of SnapChat in the first place – so maybe you can clarify it for me. Why not just text using traditional text messages? This way you don’t lose your conversations. Am I old school or what?

Foursquare splits in two:

First, Foursquare will no longer be focusing in on Check-ins, but more on reviews. New features such as a more personalized search and improved recommendations will be available as well. Second, they are introducing a new App called Swarm. Available soon for iOS and Android devices (Windows Phones will be able to access the App soon), Swarm allows its users to share what they’re doing, and find out if their friends are nearby and if their friends want to hangout.
My take on this: I suppose this is a great way to find the best restaurants or fun clubs, but do you REALLY want ALL your friends to know where you are all the time?

Instagram getting more personal:

Want to find more personal content on Instagram? Hmmm, not THAT kind of personal! Instagram is working on an Explore tab that will help its users find content that suit their preferences. Technically, it could also assist brands in being discovered by a more targeted viewership.
My take on this: I use Instagram to post my Blogging Tips of the Day, along with some personal pictures that take a small glimpse inside my world. Using hashtags to help with exposure, I’m hoping that the Explore tab will afford me the opportunity to connect with my target market. Follow me on Instagram.

Adobe Voice:

In a matter of minutes, turn your story into a stunning animated video. Create videos combining icons, images, text and voices. Adobe even offers their library of over 25,000 images. Adobe Voice
My take on this: FUN!!!
Have you found some new and interesting Apps? Have you used them? What’s your take on them? Share them with us in the comment box below?
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27 May

How I Won an iPad Mini on Twitter

Yes, you heard me right!

I won a Mini iPad on Twitter!  The really cool part of it was that I didn’t realize that I was in a contest. Allow me to explain.

As I was tweeting all kinds of words of wisdom on Twitter one Tuesday afternoon, I came across a tweet from @brianmoran (go ahead, follow him). He posted this tweet: From what I’ve seen over the years, women rock at multi-tasking; men not so much. #HiscoxChat  I replied: But should we? Multi-tasking doesn’t allow for dedicated focus on a project. Does the project suffer from multi-tasking? #HiscoxChat  Brian’s response was: I agree. Some projects require a dedicated focus especially when there is significant downside risk. #HiscoxChat See how the conversation flowed in the image below. My one mistake was not adding #HiscoxChat in my second reply.

Brian Moran, HisCoxChat thread, Twitter


Do you notice one thing all three tweets have in common? YES – the hashtag: #HiscoxChat! @HiscoxSmallBiz (follow them too) was hosting a “TweetChat” that day. I got pulled into the conversation by replying and using the hashtag. Matter of fact, I had also replied to another tweet that was made during the chat. The next thing I knew, I received a Twitter notification that I was the second place winner.  And now, the winners of our “Biggest Business Risk Ever Taken.” Congrats @Senoraherrera, @TerraMediaMark (that’s me) & @Carlos Nunez, Jr.! #Hiscoxchat (If you go to Twitter and enter #Hiscoxchat in the search bar, you’ll see the chat thread. Or go to TweetChat.com, type in #hiscoxchat, and see the conversation there).

Hashtags are a way to find out what’s trending, find information you’re looking for, for finding people who share the same interests as you, and for finding your target market. Let’s say you’ve written a science fiction book and you’re looking for a publisher. Search for #sciencefiction and you’ll get a host of tweets that mention science fiction. With some weeding, you might just find your publisher. Play around with different hashtags until you find what you need.

Direct Message

After finding out I was a winner, I sent @HiscoxSmallBiz a DM (Direct Message, the same as Facebook’s private message) and asked them what I did to win. Two things happened, I participated more than once in the chat, and they felt that my insight showed that I’ve definitely taken risks in my business. Did it pay for me to be on Twitter and participate? Darn-tooten it did. Not only did I win an iPad Mini, but my Twitter name was plastered all over Twitter. Hiscox mentioned me, Brian Moran mentioned me, and other participants mentioned me. I got a number of new followers as well. Yup, it paid off.  Plus, it paid for Hiscox Small Business as well. Hiscox is a business-centric insurance company. They ran a contest (see their contest page: bit.ly/1mRJL1J) which pulled in many Twitter users from all over the country. The conversation threads produced lots of great information, insight, tips and tools for business owners to use. Every tweet contained their hashtag and Twitter name.  After I found out that I won, don’t you think I posted my good fortune all over Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn…using their hashtag and Twitter name? Oh YES I did!! Now I’ve spread their name throughout my online community…allowing them to reach an even larger audience.

Driving Traffic

Soon, their media manager emailed me asking for not just my mailing address, but she requested a blog post from me where I would share my biggest business risk. Of course, once that post is published, I’ll share that online as well. I’ve been driving traffic to their website for days…and I can see a few more times when I’ll be mentioning them in the near future. There’s sure to be a selfie shot with my new iPad!

Can YOU Do This Too?

What can you do to increase your online visibility and credibility? Can you run a contest and host a tweet chat on Twitter? Brian Moran was their “Entrepreneur in Residence”, and he hosted the chat. Could you find that credible business expert to help you host and run your tweet chat? I’ve provided you with the link to read a recap of the Hiscox chat. http://bit.ly/1h3g0x0

NO Selling!

When reading the recap, note that there was no selling of insurance. They never sold their products or services. Their focus was on business owners and educating them. It wasn’t about THEM – it was about US. That’s what we need to concentrate on when marketing online. Sure, they were driving traffic to their website, but that’s okay. We need to do our best to help the consumers and educate them. The rest will fall into place.

What have you done lately to 1) Increase your online visibility? 2) Increase your expertise status? 3) Educate your customers rather than sell to them? Share your experiences, ideas, strategies in the comment box below.

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20 May

3 Simple Steps to Twitter Success

Twitter_ termsI know, I know – you don’t understand anything about Twitter!  What’s all the fuss about Twitter anyway?  I have a love / hate relationship with Twitter myself.  I know I need to be on there – and honestly, I’ve been spending more time on Twitter lately than I’ve been on Facebook. I’m finding that my marketing messages are reaching more people than on my Facebook Business Page

As you might already know, Twitter is a micro-blog where you post Tweets (Status Updates) using up to 140 characters. It has been proven to be an extremely valuable tool to increase online visibility. And with over 600 million users, and 135,000 new users signing up every day, Twitter is not likely to go away. If anything, it’s been gaining strength due to the fact that Facebook users are becoming increasingly dis-enchanted with the giant social network. Therefore, it would benefit everyone to shake away their Twitter trepidation and give it a serious second chance.

Once you understand the basic concept of Twitter – it’s really very easy to manipulate and maneuver. Let’s look at three basic ways we can be more successful on Twitter:

  1. Connecting: Reach out and follow four types of people – Those who are your potential clients, those who know your potential clients (strategic business partners), your current clients, and those you can learn from. Simply by using their search feature or Hashtags (#) to find trending topics related to your industry, you can find who (or what) you’re looking for.
  2. Listening: Much of my time on Twitter is spent reading Tweets and following links. I have found that many of those links lead to amazing business resources and opportunities. Gaining knowledge from other successful people has helped me in my business and, to tell you the truth, it’s a great way for me to stay in the know when it comes to my competitors. Learn how your competitors are using Twitter – take notes and adapt. Your task – make sure your Tweets will help others learn and grow.
  3. Engaging: Twitter doesn’t have the same type of conversation thread as Facebook, but there is a lot of conversation and engagement happening on Twitter. People respond to your Tweets by either using the Reply feature, Re-Tweeting your latest Tweet, or setting your Tweet as a Favorite (Similar to the Facebook Like)! Direct Messages is a private inbox where people can contact you personally, just like Facebook. Plus, the List feature is a way for your Twitter followers to keep a closer eye on what you have to say. In addition, TweetChat is perfect for people to converse on a particular topic using the Hashtag (#). Next time you’re on Twitter make sure you Reply and Re-Tweet, jump into the conversation, and become an active member of the community.

So, what do you think? Will you be giving Twitter a second chance? Really – it’s not as complicated as you might think…and just think of the host of new people you can connect with. You just never know where your next client/customer will come from.  Follow me: @TerraMediaMark 

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