08 Jan

Bloggers: Looking for a Better Listing On Google?

Writing for Search Engines

search enginesYou know the acronym for BLOG, right?  Better Listing On Google.  As bloggers we work hard to incorporate all those relevant keywords, H1 and H2 tags into our content so we can be found by search engines.  We focus on meta descriptions, post length, and titles.  Let’s face it…Most bloggers write for search engines. They see their blog as a tool for improving their search engine rankings. Using the right keywords will drive more people to their blog. But there is more to that blogging strategy.

Search engines don’t buy your products or services. Writing for search engines is important, yes.  But, pesky keywords aside, bloggers should realize that it’s all about the content in the blog posts they write. Are they creating content that educates and informs their readers? Are they engaging their readers and encouraging them to comment? Great content keeps people coming back for more. The more people keep coming back to your blog, the higher you will rank on search pages. Make sense?

How do you keep readers coming back to your blog?

Among other things, and as already mentioned, great content will encourage readers to subscribe to your blog.  Once you’ve been blogging for a while, go back and analyze your posts. Check to see how many page views it got, how many comments were made. Was it shared on Facebook, Twitter or other social sites?  Which blog posts were a big hit?  Are you writing more of those kind of posts? Which posts didn’t see any comments? How can you make them better and more engage-able?

You’ll find a lot of the answers to these questions by getting up a Google Analytics account, by following your comment threads, and checking your social share counters.

Your mission should be that every time you write a new blog post, stretch yourself to create interesting and valuable content that will teach your readers something they can implement in their lives. The more value they get from your posts, the more they will keep coming back to your blog – knowing that there will always be more of the same!  Oh, and don’t forget to add those pesky keywords…because they really ARE important to your page ranking success.

What were some of your best blog posts?  Share the link in the comment box below.

Happy Blogging,

Eydie :)

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2 thoughts on “Bloggers: Looking for a Better Listing On Google?

    • Hi Dana…. In regards to keywords, what are the words that people would use to Google your website? Try using Google Keywords Adwords Tool to help you determine your keywords. You would probably use a combination of the same keywords and unique keywords for each page on your website, as well as in your blog post.

      The keywords I used for this post were ‘Google Search Engines’. Depending on your blog post you would choose to use a different set of keywords.

      You can connect with me via email if you’d like. info@terramediamarketing.com

      Eydie :)

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