31 Dec

Does Your Business Have its Own Facebook Fan Page?

Facebook Personal Profile vs. Fan Page

Create a Facebook Fan PageI love all my Facebook friends… but I still see many of them using their Facebook Personal Profile Account AS their business. Not sure why they do it – maybe it’s just that they don’t know the difference. So, just in case you’re one of the ones who didn’t know that your personal profile account is not where you should be promoting your business… allow me to clear things up for you.

Your personal profile is for personal use.  Your posts should be what I call “water cooler” chatter. Sure, you can do some business promotion as long as it doesn’t take over your timeline. About 10% to 20% can be soft promotions – the rest should be about what you’re doing, thinking, or wondering.  Also, don’t forget to share and comment on your friend’s walls.

If you have a business to promote – then choose to create a Fan Page. You might even hear them being called Business Pages… but Facebook simply calls them Pages. Click here to create your own Page….or log into your Facebook account and get started there. On your Fan Page you will be offering tips, tricks and industry news. Educate your fans, and give them valuable information that they can use in their business or personal lives. Oh, and don’t forget to Like other Pages as your business and as yourself.  Be active on Pages and contribute to the conversation.

Let’s talk Facebook Timeline Cover –  Yes, more restrictions.

I just wrote a blog post about the new timeline cover changes happening in January, 2013, but since I talk about the changes in the video below, I thought I would repeat the news.  As it has been since the beginning of the the Facebook timeline and Facebook timeline covers;  Facebook asks that you NOT add ANY Call to Action to the cover.  No email address, no website address, no phone numbers, no “Buy Now”, not arrows pointing to the Like button – NO CALLS TO ACTION!  And starting January 15, 2013, you cover image may only be 20% – or less – text. That includes your logo – should it contain text.

Watch my video for a little bit of more information regarding the different Pages and the new rules about the cover.

Will you have to make changes to your Fan Page Cover?  Share your Fan Page link in the comment box below.

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