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Go Ahead: Be an Email Spammer

You really don’t want to be an email spammer… do you?

don't be an email marketing spammer.No, you don’t, but tell me… have you ever purchased an email list? Tell me, how did that work for you?  Over and over again I hear that business owners are STILL purchasing email lists. Purchasing email lists, and marketing to these unsuspecting people makes you a spammer. Plain and simple!

Why put your reputation and business at risk? Purchasing email lists are  truthfully, very ineffective.  You have no idea where those email addresses came from, and how the seller acquired them.  The people on those purchased lists have no idea who you are and have no interest in you or your business – even though you think your business is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Quality vs Quantity

A meager list of interested customers and prospects heavily outweighs a large list of people who couldn’t give a darn about you.  A list built of a permission-based audience will yield you more sales than a list filled with people who will only get irritated and click your e-mail as spam. Remember, it’s always quality over quantity.

Did you know that some Email Marketing Service providers, like Constant Contact and Aweber will flag your account after only a few spam reports – if not at only one spam report? Imagine having a large list of uninterested recipients and the bulk of them start reporting you as spam. Say good-bye to your account….and any credibility you might have had.

You’re not an email spammer. So why would you even take this gamble? You business is not a race horse you’re betting on at the Kentucky Derby. You’re a legitimate business owner so let’s do this the right way.

Email Marketing Best Practices

  1. Place an Opt-In e-mail subscription form on your website.  When someone signs up via the Opt-In form it is recorded as such within your E-mail Service Providers system. Now you have explicit permission to market to them. Even if the recipient reports you as spam – you can prove that THEY added themselves to your list.
  2. Add  an Opt-In  link to your one-to-one e-mail signature line. Every e-mail service, whether it’s Ymail, Gmail, AOL, or Outlook, has the signature line feature.
  3. Bricks and mortar locations have the luxury of placing a guest book or sign-up sheet at their point of sale.
  4. Take advantage of social media venues to grow your list. Your Facebook Business Page can host an Opt-In App.
  5. Offer incentives, such as a free e-book, to sway subscribers to sign up for your e-mail marketing list.
  6. Although not explicit permission, ask new acquaintances you’ve met at mixers and other networking events if they’d be agreeable to receiving your e-mails. Make sure you let them know that they can unsubscribe at any time. NOTE: Just because someone gives you their business card DOES NO mean that you can add them to your marketing list.
  7. Your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn community is off limits – unless you get their permission!

I know you don’t want to be a spammer.  So take some time and build your list the right way. Always follow email marketing best practices and you’ll remain a trusted sender.  Sign up for my weekly email (upper right hand side of this page) and you’ll receive my ebook, 5 Ways to Effective Email Marketing.

What methods do you use to get permission? Share them with us using the comment box below.

Eydie :)

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2 thoughts on “Go Ahead: Be an Email Spammer

  1. So many business coaches stress that you gotta get those business cards at networking events and build that ‘rolodex’. Now days you better get permission along with that business card. Great ideas!

    • You are so right, Joy. But with even verbal permission you have to be careful. Often, when you’re at an event and someone says, “Sure, put me on your list”, by the time they get your first issue – well, they’ve forgotten that they agreed to be on your list. If possible, make a note on their business card that they gave you permission. This way you have some proof should they – or the email service provider – complains.

      Joy, don’t forget to post your blog on 8 Hour Blogging Bootcamp. I’ve opened up the group for anyone to post. We’ve got a few new bloggers from the Ultimate Blog Challenge who have joined us.

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