18 Apr

Is Tumblr For Serious Bloggers?

Do you use Tumblr?

Tumblr.comI’ve got an account, but to tell you the truth I’ve never really spent quality time inside Tumblr to find out if it’s a serious, not to mention – professional, blogging tool. One of my questions was whether or not we should be using a solid blogging platform like WordPress and use Tumblr as well. Is Tumblr for serious bloggers? So, this morning I did some research.

Here’s what I found out about Tumblr:

  • Established in 2003, Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform.
  • Has about 80 million blogs.
  • It’s easy to use, but doesn’t contain all the bells and whistles we’re used to on WordPress – or even Blogger for that matter. 
  • We also call Twitter a micro-blogging plaform, but in Tumblr your posts can certainly be more than 140 characters.  
  • Most Tumblr posts, however,  consists of  single images, video, song, or small amounts of text
  • Other bloggers can’t comment, but they can “love” or “reblog”.  
  • There is also a newsfeed-like set up on the home page where you can see other blogs.  
  • You can follow other blogs as you would follow someone on Twitter. 
  • Typical age group using Tumblr is under 25.
  • If you want to import content from another blogging platform, you’re out of luck.
  • If you want to export content from Tumblr, you’re out of luch as well.
  • If you like to write full on blog posts, then Tumblr  is probably not right for you.

Will Tumblr work for me?

With what I found out I think that for me personally, Tumblr is probably not a good fit.  HOWEVER, having my content in more than one blogging platform is probably good for SEO. I’d probably have to re-think the way I write my content.  And so would you if you enjoy writing meaty posts. For instance, this particular post would be too wordy for Tumblr. I also like the engagement you get on a traditional blog. It’s nice to get feedback and not just a “love” or “reblog”.

Is Tumblr for serious bloggers? Tough question. We’d have to define what a serious blogger is. Some bloggers, probably like you and me, blog for business – and we’re pretty serious about it, right? Some bloggers blog because they want to voice their thoughts and opinions, as well as share the opinions of others…and they consider themselves serious bloggers, but they are not doing it for financial gain.

What about you? Have you tried Tumblr? Do you like it – and why?  Feel free to add your Tumblr URL here if you are using it.  If you’ve not used Tumblr, have I peaked your curiosity enough for you to check it out?  Leave me your thoughts.

Eydie :)

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8 thoughts on “Is Tumblr For Serious Bloggers?

  1. Wow, thank you for doing the research! Tumblr might indeed help me reach more college age students, who are part of my clientele! Since I both coach study skills and dating skills to the college/grad school world, tumblr might work well for me! Thank you for the great info.

    • See – you never know! For you it seems to be a perfect fit, Claudia! Hope it works out for you. When you set up your account, come back here and share your link. Eydie :)

  2. I think Tumblr is a lot of fun, but I haven’t figured out how to make it work in terms of blogging about Internet marketing.

    On the other hand, if you’re into niche marketing – doing affiliate sales or selling your own products – you could possibly use it to drive traffic to your site. You’d just have to make sure you also provided a lot of non-sales content to make your blog worth following.

    • I agree, Katie. I think you’re right when it comes to affiliate sales and products. I can see it working in that regards. Links back to your own site is smart, but still need the balance between information and promotion. It’s always a fine line no matter which venue you’re using. Eydie :) Would you like to share your Tumblr link?

  3. Great blog on technolgy and social media and a little marketing thrown in. I still haven’t wrapped my head around it and learned how to make the most of it, but I’m learning a little bit more every day. Thanks for the information.

    Dr. Samantha Joseph

    • There’s so much to learn, Samantha – impossible to keep up with it all. And you know — we don’t have to! We only know where we can reach and interact with the people we would like to have as clients – and spend time on those sites. Blogging is a given, you almost HAVE to blog – but like Tumblr, or ever Twitter and Facebook…if your client is there then you should be too. Eydie :)

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