09 Jan

Nothing Happens If You Don’t Show Up

Success comes from showing upDragged myself out of bed this morning at 5:00am in order to attend a Chamber networking meeting at 7:00am. (And, yes, it takes me a long time to make myself presentable. LOL). With little sleep during the night, I came very close to ignoring the alarm as it went off. I tried to convince myself that there weren’t going to be many people there, and the ones who were regular attendees weren’t my ideal clients in the first place. Plus they’ve all heard my spiel quite a few tines already, but I’ve not had any results. So far, I haven’t gotten much business from the Chamber, and was actually thinking about not renewing my membership. So, why waste my time?

Showing up

But then…my voice of reason started talking to me. The voice reminded me that I hadn’t been to this monthly Chamber meeting since October – missing the November meeting due to a scheduling conflict and missing the December meeting because I had neglected to put the event into my calendar. And since I hadn’t gone to the last two meetings, I wasn’t able to promote my new product, “Website in a Day”.  Then the voice continued to remind me that if I don’t show up – nothing will happen. I mean – you’ve got to show up, right? Success won’t come unless you show up. Relationship building won’t happen if I decide to shut off the alarm, roll over and pull the covers up over my head.

Oh, but it was sooooo tempting.

See what happens when you show up?

Bleary-eyed and still yawning, I walked into the restaurant where the meeting was being held. Geesh – I was the second person there.  The first person who arrived was a new member!  Yay!!! A NEW member. He had joined the night before, and this was his very first meeting.  Then guess what?  The next person who walked in was – you guessed it – another new member! Okay, now I’m waking up and ready to smell the networking. The three of us began conversing, sharing our stories as the other members walked in. I was then introduced to another new member. Christine is a graphic designer. I consider graphic designers a power partner (referral partner) for me. Oh boy – this meeting is really shaping up.

After settling in and ordering breakfast, we began our 30-second commercials.  As I expounded my words of wisdom, one of the gals calls out, “I NEED to call you? Whoa.. she’s heard me before, we’ve chatted before, but she’s never given me a clue that she wanted to hire me. As I sat down, yet another new member, sitting at the next table directly behind me, tapped me on the shoulder and said, “I NEED a new website”. Handed me his card and said we’ll connect by February 1st.

And that’s not all… another regular member, with whom I’m already working with managing her blog, mentioned our working relationship during her own 30-second commercial. Very, very grateful for that.

So now the meeting is over. As I’m packing up my things, yet another new member approaches me. She’s in marketing and was interested in seeing how we could collaborate in business. Okay, was this a good morning or what?

Looking back to 5:00am

I’m so glad my voice of reason spoke up and got through to me.  If I didn’t show up none of this would have happened to me. Two new clients, and two power partners, Not bad for 90 minutes of showing up.

Where do you show up?  What type of networking works best for you?  Please share you thoughts.

Eydie :)




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17 thoughts on “Nothing Happens If You Don’t Show Up

  1. I agree Eydie – you have just got to go. So many folk go once, twice and for one reason or another don’t get business and think networking is a waste of time. New Year is THE BEST time to attend events – everyone has new enthusiasm for their business. Well done.


  2. I can SO relate!! There are many times I don’t feel like getting up on time, going to a meeting, etc, etc but something good always comes of it when I do!

  3. Since writing doesn’t have any real degree of accountability, it is really easy for me to “not show up.” It takes discipline to sit down and get to work on projects. And — well, that’s one of my goals this year!

  4. I love that just by giving yourself a pep talk gave you the reason to get up. This is the same thing I do #Reasoning. I usually have to kind of coax myself into studying … yes I am in nursing school, but over the past few semesters I’ve studied so much I am at a place where I hate it and I have to con myself into doing it. Sometimes with shows I could watch at the end of the study session and other times with movies/out to eat with friends, etc.

    • Nursing school? Wow – that’s so admirable. AND you’ve found time to blog too! Way to go, Darchelle!

      I talk to myself all the time… But I don’t always listen to myself. LOL Glad that I did on Thursday. Riding on the high of Thursday, Friday was a rockin’ day as well. Good luck with nursing school – and continue rewarding yourself with “ME” time!

      Eydie :)

  5. All in all, it turned out to be a very advantageous day for you, didn’t it? Congratulations for showing up! :)

    I admit, I haven’t done any outside networking in quite some time. I’m strictly on the Internet, 100% of the time to schmooze. I probably should consider venturing out, but something always tells me it wouldn’t be productive enough to be worthwhile. Your experience proves otherwise!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • I hear you, Bonnie. Years ago when I turned my personal assistant business into a virtual assistant business I thought I could stop the face-to-face events. But, I was wrong. I still needed to get out into the community. If it weren’t for the community connection, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have my own newspaper column for the past five years. And since I still offer local, in-person services, and I’m always looking for a speaking gig – networking local, face-to-face, has been worthwhile. You know – it all depends on your goals and the vision you have for your business.

      You might want to try live networking a few times – you never know who you’re going to run into. Start by checking local gatherings on Meetup.com. My business partner and I just put our Lunch and Learn group on there to attract new members. Our group is http://www.businessownersselect.com and our meetup is http://www.meetup.com/Business-Owners-Select/

      Eydie :)

  6. Ooh I so empathise with that rolling over when the networking alarm goes off. One here starts at 6.30am!! Last year I missed most of them due to working out of town. You’re so right though – nothing happens if you don’t show up.

  7. I have many of those days – where I’ve spent my week at more meetings than I care to mention, and sometimes I’m just meetinged out, and think about not going, for many of the same reasons you mention, but then I think, it’s not always about those that attend the meeting, it might be a new member, there might be referrals, they might want to know more….for all those reasons, I decide to go…..this year, however, I am trying to scale back so I have at least one day a week where I can catch up. That’s difficult but I have to do it, so now evaluating which meeting and who attends that would be of benefit to me.

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