13 Feb

Problem Solving: Time and Distance can be the Cure

Problem Solving

problem solvingEver have a time when something went wrong, but you just can’t figure out why? Problem solving can be a time consuming task, as well as a key source of frustration and headaches.

I built a new WordPress website for a new client of mine. I’ve built a number of these sites and wasn’t expecting any problems with this one. But, since we don’t live in a perfect world – I shouldn’t have been surprised that I did indeed run into a problem that required solving.

The problem first reared it’s ugly head when I shared the home page link, via a Facebook message, with a colleague for proofreading.  You know how when you add a link on Facebook… Facebook pulls in the information from the web page? Well, instead of pulling in the website description it was pulling in the description from BlueHost, the hosting service I use on a regular basis.  That was just so odd and it drove me crazy.  My client was none to happy either.

I thunk and I thunk – until I was out of thoughts.  My next step was to call BlueHost to see if they’ve run into this quandary before.  The rep was as confused as I. He said he’d escalate the matter to a Tech 2 guy.  Then I tried contacting Inkthemes.com. They don’t offer direct customer support…only in their forum (which I found, but wasn’t able to post a thread).  Bummer – because I really like their themes and it sure would be nice to have someone to talk to.

Now what? I couldn’t have my client’s website show up as BlueHost on Facebook.  Then I remembered that I belong to a WordPress Experts group on Linkedin. There I posted a question, but got little feedback.  Seems that my problem was very unique and know one knew what to do.  So, I decided to just walk away from the situation and prayed that it worked itself out.

This morning I checked Linkedin to see if anyone else had posted another comment to my SOS.   One fella gave me a debugging link for Facebook.   http://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug I tried it out and was notified that there was a particular plugin causing an error. Now, in my heart I didn’t think it was this plugin because I was having the issue BEFORE I even installed it. But, I went in to uninstall and delete it anyay.

Guess what?  Yup, everything is now working just fine.

I still don’t think it was the plugin. In my heart I really feel that the website just needed time to settle in and “find itself”.  I think this is a case of having patience, and believing that everything will work itself out in due time.

The moral of this story?  If something just isn’t working the way it normally does – sure, go in and try to troubleshoot it. Ask for help too.  BUT, sometimes the fix is merely time and distance.  Problems often solve themselves, and you may be wasting too much time and brain power trying to figure it out.

Did you ever have a problem that fixed itself? Share your situations with us.

Eydie :)

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