So, is YOUR Facebook Timeline Cover Within the 20% Rule? 6

Facebook Timeline Cover: 20% Rule

Terra Media Marketing Group Facebook timeline coverYesterday, Facebook set into effect the new guidelines to the AMOUNT of text that Page owners can have on their Facebook Timeline Covers.  January 15, 2013 everyone’s covers should NOT contain more than 20% text.  You heard me, right! No more than 20% text.

Other things you CANNOT have on your Cover:

  • A Call to Action – Nothing that says anything about “Buy Now” “Like My Page” “Call Today” “Download Now”, “Share My Page”, etc.
  • No email address
  • No website address
  • No telephone numbers

NOTE: All the above items can be added to the About section of your Page.

Now…. how can you be sure that your Timeline Cover falls into the 20% rule?  Facebook, of course has a way to checking that, but other than eye-balling your Cover, it’s going to be a bit difficult.  For that reason, Scalable Social Media has created their own tool to help you determine what your text to image percentage is.  They DO NOT guarantee that their tool is 100% right on – but they suggest that you use it as a guideline. Click this link to use the tool with your Timeline Cover. 

Results for MY Facebook Timeline Cover:  Approximately 30.50%  Guess I’ll have to update my Cover. In the words of Winnie the Pooh, “Oh bother”.

What are your feelings about the new 20% rule? Will you have to update your Facebook Timeline Cover? Feel l like sharing your results?

Eydie :)

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6 thoughts on “So, is YOUR Facebook Timeline Cover Within the 20% Rule?

  • Reply
    Suzi Shumaker

    Well, that’s great news (oh, bother is right). Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on the newest facebook rules. I wonder what will happen to those pages that are out of compliance.

  • Reply
    Eydie Post author

    I suppose, Suzi, that Facebook will do what it always does – shut them down. Who knows. It would be nice if they gave you a heads up and told you how far you are off the 20%.

    I’d better get going and downsize my cover. Like I don’t have other things to do today. LOL

    Eydie :)

  • Reply

    I pretty much roll with Facebook as they are ever changing and will continue to do so. I have a web gal who does my timeline cover and knows the size requirements.
    Great post!

    • Reply
      Eydie Post author

      Good point, Victoria. The size of the cover will also be changing – but not for business page covers, but for you personal profile (they will be wider and shorter in height). It’s becoming a challenge to keep up with all their updates.

      Eydie :)

    • Reply
      Eydie Post author

      This is sn old blog post… I believe you can now add the “Like”. The 20% rule is still in effect – well, must likely. LOL I should do some research and update the post. Eydie :)