04 Feb

What’s Your Plan B? Do You Adapt to Your Clients Needs?

Plan A Plan BWhen I first came up with the concept of “Website in a Day” I sat down and wrote out my business plan. I thought about all the variations of how this product would work. Between hosting, back-end settings, design, content, curriculum, timing, and actually teaching my clients…I thought I had it all worked out.
Well, what’s that quote? “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray” – well some of my plans DID go astray, but in a good way.


Generally, I would have a pre-website build consult with my client. I’d find out what their needs are. I find out what they expect of me, and I tell them what I expect of them.  But once the build day arrived, and we began the process, my clients began seeing new possibilities. They’s say, “Oh, really? I can do that?” or “I didn’t know that was possible. What if I wanted ____? Would that work?”  I turned their light bulb on to the possibilities of more.

So, with that, I learned quickly that I needed to always have a Plan B, and even a Plan C. I had to adapt to each light bulb. Oh, I knew I would be acclimating and adapting myself to each client – I’ve been dong that for years as a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager/Consultant. It was just such a surprise to me when they got so into the actual technical end of building of the website. I didn’t expect that part.  But it probably shouldn’t have been a surprise – I know that I’m empowering my clients, and that’s my greatest pleasure.

Now I go to each client’s location with the expectation of having no expectations.  As the day moves on, and as my client learns more and more about building a WordPress website, I adapt to them as they grow. I watch their faces as they crunch up in confusion or frustration. That’s when I take a step back, re-evaluate the way I explained something, and then present it differently. Or when their eyes are gleaming with joy as they see what is blossoming in front of them, and that THEY had a hand in the creation. It warms my heart to see everything come together. That’s when I know I did my best to adapt to their needs and learning styles.

Adaptability isn’t just how you work with your clients. Its marketing, and the way we build relationships with our target clients. I think most of you can relate to the many changes in the arena of online marketing over the years. Everyone should have adapted by now – but there are still many holdouts. What might happen to those who haven’t yet used social media, blogging, or even email marketing to build relationships, gain credibility, and increased visibility? Change is inevitable – and we all must make efforts to adapt.

Are you adapting to your clients? What are some of the signs you look for when your clients aren’t “getting it”? Can you allow yourself to be flexible enough to change your strategy for your client’s sake? What changes to your online marketing have you made in order to adapt to the new way of reaching your ideal clients and building relationships with them? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.


Eydie :)


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