17 Dec

Writing Blog Post Titles that Catch the Eye

Writing eye-catching blog post titles

blog post titlesConfession:
I am not a very creative when it comes to writing blog post titles.  Coming up with eye-catching blog post titles has always been one of my downfalls.  There, I said it…and now you know. Whew, that confession actually made me feel better.

With my confession out in the open, I can tell you that I DO know a little bit about writing a title.

Let’s take a look some guidelines to writing basic blog post titles:

  1. “How-to” titles work really well
  2. Numbered “how-to” titles work better
  3. Odd numbered how-to titles work best
  4. Words like “strategy”, “tactics”, “tips”, “key”, “simple”, and the like are winners
  5. Any title that tells the reader that they will learn something, for free, will drive readers to your blog.
  6. Something so ridiculously funny or cute – that your reader is compelled to read, will also drive readers to your blog post

Okay, so this is a very simple list. And as I already confessed – I’m not the title expert. But, I do know someone who comes up with some really great titles.  Darren Rowse, blogging expert, wrote the book about blogging. Follow this link to read which blog post titles work on his blog, and see if you can use some of his suggestions on your own blog.

After reading his blog post – come back here and share with us any take-aways you learned.

Eydie Stumpf
Terra Media Marketing Group

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